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BrilliantBusiness Negosyong Swak

PRO-Livelihood. PRO-Life. PRO-People.
For micro-entrepreneurs. Driven by Technology. Founded on Real Commitments.

The Company

About us

BRILLIANT is the science of harnessing the financial benefits from the convergence of three marketplace powerhouses.

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The Business

Create a solid path to your own destiny while you experience innovations in health and well-being. Simplify with us!

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BRILLIANT welcomes top comedian-actor Mr. Richie D' Horsey.

BRILLIANT with Hon. Ramon Orfanel of Catanauan, Quezon.

BRILLIANT visits Mr. Chris Arenas in Boracay.

New corporate office opens in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga.


Upcoming Events

Quezon City

Soft Opening of BRILLIANT QC Office.

Catanauan, Quezon

Livelihood Proposal Presentation at the Office of the Mayor.

Business Expedition

Livelihood Enrichment Presentation in Catanauan, Quezon.

Business Expedition

Livelihood Enrichment Presentation in Quezon City.


  • 1

    “I've seen better results that I've wanted in such a long time. And I've got it from this one (Reborn Cream).”
    Velvet Twins, Artists

  • 2

    “Napansin ng mga kasamahan kong nurses ang kakaibang velvety glow sa akin. ”
    Ms. Gretchel, R.N.
    Saudi Arabia

  • 3

    “Lalo kaming natutuwa sa nakikita naming product development, especially sa packaging.”
    Mr. Ed, Entrepreneur
    Nueva Ecija

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